Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself.

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  • SaMagrello 9 years ago

    awesome work. no better way of describing.
    u truly deserve all the great achievements from past, present and in the future.

  • david 9 years ago

    Franchement terrible !! 🙂
    bravo bravo
    Excellent and thought provoking in only 10 minutes.

  • Jean 9 years ago

    Outstanding! Very nicely done.

  • daniel 9 years ago


  • keri 9 years ago

    unbelievably good. wow.

  • Matthew 9 years ago

    That… was spectacular.

  • Ostrianiel 9 years ago

    Really, truly, great.

  • Kalera Stratten 9 years ago

    This is so good I want to lick it.
    I have twelve chickens and I give them orgasms(to help them lay in the winter months, of course.)

  • Terry 9 years ago

    Wow.. I was amazed by this movie.. such a good job..

  • wut? 9 years ago

    wut? a fantastic wut though.

  • scotty 9 years ago

    very cool.

  • cent 9 years ago


  • Tom 9 years ago

    Beautiful and spectacular

  • Smacewan 9 years ago

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  • lolface 9 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic. Incredible style mixed with an eccentric plot. Keep the great work up!

  • SharpShark28 9 years ago

    Quite amazing! Saved for sure ^_^

  • lexie 9 years ago

    WOW…speechless…very very thought provoking

    Thank you for sharing your work.

  • Yax51 9 years ago

    I loved it!!! great story, animation and concept…91 centimeters….very well done!

  • Quothi 9 years ago

    Fantastic work, thought-provoking concept. What really puzzled me, however, was when he was looking through the telescope. On both occasions that he does that, he appears to be looking right into it. As every other part of the film is so well thought out, I’m sure it’s not a mistake. So then, why?

  • Roy Pessis 9 years ago

    Quothi: He needs to be 91cm to interact with any solid object, but he was simply looking through the telescope. watch the part where he needs to adjust it and you see he peers through, moves to the side, telescope moves, and he peers through again.

  • Quothi 9 years ago

    Of course, his vision hasn’t shifted 91cm, just his ability to interact with material things. Thanks. I can get on with my day now.

  • Bleu 9 years ago

    Absolutely amazing. The swing ending really makes you go Huh.. and start thinking. great job communicating your point with precision. Wishing you all the best <3

  • Audrey 9 years ago

    Fortement intéressant! J’étais très marquer par cette film. C’était très bien faits, ingénieuse comme idée!

  • Lucy 9 years ago

    Très intéressant. Je devine qu’il était schizophrène?

  • Kevz0r 9 years ago

    Very interesting. Is he supposed to be schizophrenic?

  • Heri 9 years ago


  • Leon 9 years ago

    Smashing piece of work!!

  • MaTT 8 years ago

    Would be hard to make love!

  • Ecneb 8 years ago

    He is schizophrenic. 1 of 100

  • Adam 8 years ago

    I just can’t find the words…

  • Jordyn 8 years ago

    this is amazing.

  • korn01 8 years ago

    wow! nice work! thanks to share!

  • Yiskaholina 8 years ago

    amazing and unique

  • jessie 8 years ago

    wow. that was really amazing i found myself having tears in my eyes. feeling so sad for his loneliness.

  • Fossil 8 years ago

    That was an amazing piece of work.

  • joe 8 years ago

    Wow. Absolutely gorgeous, a refreshing look at mental illness.

  • kate 8 years ago

    Awfully depressing ending though… a schizophrenic man struggles and fails to hold himself together, ultimately ending up in a state of utter detachment. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

  • Angie 8 years ago

    I almost cried with this ;l This was so unbelievable good.

  • Saul 8 years ago


  • Karen 8 years ago

    this is awesome and such a great idea.
    but it’s so sad…life is so tragic.

  • Modima 8 years ago

    C’est génial, vraiment jolie. Que increible visión, gran inspiración para muchas otras reflexiones.

  • Miguel 8 years ago

    Really nice, I lovee it 🙂

  • speedy18us 8 years ago

    The story is so touching and the video passed the story perfectly. Congratulations!

  • Angelina 8 years ago


  • Patty Quirarte 8 years ago

    Wow! Spectacular, but at the same time a little bit sad. Makes me wonder what if…? But no…
    Your work in ten minutes is really Fantastic.Congratulations!
    C’est Magnifique!

  • Sabina 8 years ago

    this is officially my favorite animated short. absolutely genius!

  • Jasper 8 years ago

    That’s all I can say.

  • Camus 8 years ago

    this is incredible…

    to capture the absurdity of disconnect from mundane and trivial daily interaction in such a simple and encompassing concept is beyond imagination….good work…

    the ability to feel so far beyond human connection is completely and perfectly expressed…it evokes a catharsis that is truly and most honestly soulful….

    wonderful expression and beautiful delivery…

    thank you for this

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