Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself.

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  • aaghin 14 years ago

    can somebody that speaks french tell me the actual words, in french, starting from 11:25 to 12:08, please 🙂

  • Dona 14 years ago


  • cristina 14 years ago

    When I saw it I said:How brillaint do you have to be to have such idea!?
    Very beautiful.

  • D 14 years ago

    nice! it’s brilliant

  • Oin Bien 14 years ago

    It has a logic fail, cuz he’s 91 cm from one side, so he could just go to the other side and pick up the phone. You cant be 91cm from every side.

    Other than that, it was great:)

  • Racial 14 years ago

    Oin Bien, in relation to the phone, he’s 91cm to the right of it, as with everything else. His ability to interact with material has been moved 91cm to the right; so there is no logic fail.

  • Swapnil 14 years ago

    WOW! Nice Work loved, is there more stuff from you?

  • 2d 14 years ago


  • Jourdan 14 years ago

    Too good too fucking amazing i love it ……… really exelent work


  • Jason Crosier 14 years ago

    Absolutely amazing work everything from the original idea to the quality of the animation itself.

    Absolument tout un travail extraordinaire de l’idée initiale à la qualité de l’animation elle-même.

  • al 14 years ago


  • Kim 14 years ago

    Beautiful, loved it. Great job.

  • ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ 14 years ago

    It’s perfect. Thank you.

  • eduardo 14 years ago

    very nice work!

  • Rachel 14 years ago

    Beautiful and heartbreaking. Amazing vision and creativity. Excellent.

  • thomessa 14 years ago

    that was absolutely the best thing i’ve seen. i got so in tune with the character, i loved it!

  • David M. 14 years ago

    Wow, simply incredible. This blew my mind.

  • subWOW 14 years ago

    This is one of the most moving things I have ever experienced. It will haunt me for a long time, if not forever. The image of Mont Saint-Michel will be with me forever in this context now too.

  • Reeseman 14 years ago


    11:25 to 12:08

    “On ne précise jamais aux gens de combien ils sont fous.

    On dit juste qu’ils ont perdu la boussole, qu’ils sont à côté de la plaque… paumé, quoi.

    Alors un peu plus, un peu moins, finalement, à quoi ça peut servir, de savoir… de savoir de combien de centimètres on s’est éloigné.

    La seule chose dont je suis sûr aujourd’hui c’est que d’où je suis ça ne me fait plus rien, plus rien.”

  • Stacy 14 years ago

    wow. just wow. this is amazingg

  • Madeline Smith 14 years ago

    Beautiful cinematography, interesting new idea, and very depressing ending. This short film is so original and beautiful though, I don’t care how depressing the ending was. I was gawking in awe at the computer screen, enraptured in the beauty of it all. Poor guy.

  • brandon 14 years ago

    i have such a hard on for this… like.. wow

  • Pyleic 14 years ago

    Yeah, but.. When he interacts with his telescope, he’s standing right behind it, and can see through it, but when he’s driving, he adjusts his rear-view mirror from 91cm away and is obviously looking through it as if it were in front of him.. o.O; Which is it?

  • Elise 14 years ago

    This is beautiful. It brought me to tears.

  • Marone 14 years ago

    amazing, just amazing. but definitely a little long. I think it could have ended when the second asteroid was about to hit him. that’s my 2 cents

  • Louis Szapary 14 years ago


  • MarkSpizer 14 years ago

    great post as usual!

  • Ash 14 years ago

    “This video has been removed by the user.”


  • gabby 14 years ago

    where the hell is it?

    bloody owner removed it, heck!!!

  • Nomin 14 years ago

    Sorry if I’m missing something here, but in his house, his physical form is to the right, and his interaction form is on the left, but when he’s driving, it’s the other way around?

    Unless he’s always 91 CM to the East (or West / North / South, I can’t really tell) of whatever, that would explain that and the compass on the floor (:

  • Bookcase Plans 14 years ago

    I like blogs like this one, short and straight to the point without any unnecessary fillers. Please continue this way.

  • Mike 14 years ago

    Excellent work. I am, also, an animator and have MUCH appreciation for this piece. It is very well done, in all aspects.
    I have, also, felt this phenomenon. The feeling of being displaced or partially-detatched from my body. I had never considered it being out of my mind or how much of an offset there was.
    This short film portrays the feeling very well.

  • Seth 14 years ago

    I’ve watched it three times. Funny how a few stones, arranged in just the right way, sing.

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