The Fun Theory

We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory.
The Fun Theory

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  • SurfGrl 15 years ago

    Who would have thought! We should start applying this to traffic jams, elevators, subways – the sky’s the limit!!!

  • maria 15 years ago

    fun can obviously change behaviour for the better 🙂

  • Lakshmi 15 years ago

    “66% more people than normal chose the stairs over the escalator” – this is an amazing fact

  • bored 15 years ago

    the flaw in the fun theory is the novelty aspect. That percentage (66% more) would steadily fall for regular users as the novelty wears off. New users would still more likely use it, but if the fun theory was applied to a large scale distribution, (lots of stations), the novelty will wear off faster and leave no lasting effect.

  • Bob 15 years ago

    Fantastic! Even for a while it’s good…

  • Graffiti 14 years ago

    I’m easily entertained, so I suspect the novelty wouldn’t wear off for quite a long time…

  • Jo 14 years ago

    It might would overall increase a little but the 66% would decrease over time as people got bored of it.

  • m 14 years ago

    I believe it, part of the reason I usually chose the escalator is cause it’s mildly fun 🙂

  • Zeke Krahlin 14 years ago

    Duh. Like this is such a novel concept.


    Where’d you earn your wit degree: at the University of Wit?

  • Alex 14 years ago

    Awesome idea, they have one of these at the science museum of minnesota, it’s really fun.

  • KingSammers 14 years ago

    @surfgrl — don’t tell me the skies the limit, when there’s foot-prints on the moon…

    very unique idea. i like it.

  • Peter 14 years ago

    Pure Genius !

  • subWOW 14 years ago

    I want this in my house. Actually around the neighborhood. All over. So I will walk more.

  • Brian Kessler 14 years ago

    Am I the only person who is waiting for the lawsuit when some idiot decides to play are particular tune that requires him to jump up and down the stairs?

  • The Guitar Hero 14 years ago

    All those people and not one of them played chopsticks!

  • pjiffy 14 years ago

    If it gets people using the stairs more often, then it’s good for them and good for the envirnoment, a win/win situation. I wonder if poster bored is related to a woman I work beside, always looking at the negative.

  • Jack 14 years ago

    He’s not looking at the “negative”, he’s just being a realist. The only people that would be entertained more than 3-4 times by stairs that make sounds are children.

    People will find it interesting a few times then go back to the escalator.

  • Megsmitty 14 years ago

    When the U.S. turns to socialized health insurance, our government will gladly fund things like this. And take away the escalators.

  • Schwinebar 13 years ago

    That’s Good.

  • Rach 13 years ago

    The problem is it takes no energy to run the steps so they can be there and not used but it takes energy for the escalator to be on all day ut it’s doing nothing!! I fthey did this and got rid of the escalator I’d understand more!


  • Chris 9 years ago

    It’s been about 5 years and there sill are no piano stairs in my city … kinda sad

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