What Aristotle and Bell can teach us about persuasion

Imagine you are one of the world’s greatest violin players, and you decide to conduct an experiment: play inside a subway station and see if anyone stops to appreciate when you are stripped of a concert hall and name recognition. Joshua Bell did this, and Conor Neill channels Aristotle to understand why the context mattered.

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  • Tata 9 years ago

    I’ve just finished Sense & Sensibility and wlhsit I enjoyed it it wasn’t one of her best. Too many holes, especially the rather obvious one of how the Colonel ‘woos’ Marianne in the end. I felt like I’d read the whole book for naught! I’m not familiar with Persuasion so perhaps I will move on to that one next. I always re-read books. I think its really important as you rarely ‘get’ everything the first time around, especially with the classics. I don’t really feel guilty about it because I figure time will sift the quality from the rabble of contemporary books so I’ll eventually get around to reading the classics of these times! LOL!

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