Welcome to IT IS MONDAY, a social platform of stimulation and exchange of ideas between people, where engaging and thought-provoking videos play the role of the community’s currency. Each and every Monday a new Inspiring moment.

Interestingly enough, IT IS MONDAY was inspired by my day job at All My Faves, a visual directory of the Internet I (Roy Pessis) founded with my brother, Shachar Pessis back in 2006. At All My Faves we started a Monday tradition. In which, anyone can suggest a weekly video which will be sent out to the AMF team each Monday. We call it the Monday Thinking Moment. The idea behind it is to share with the team members a short inspiring video at the beginning of each work week to encourage their creative as well as analytical thought and, of course, to help them start the week with a smile and a fresh outlook. In addition, I hoped these Monday Thinking Moment videos would stir an engaging dialogue between team members – which they did – thereby helping all of us explore different perspectives on a regular basis.

Since the Internet is saturated with interesting videos, I couldn’t help but feel that we should share these around. These videos range from science and technology to politics and on to philosophy and art. In short, the plethora of subjects is virtually infinite, as are the number of videos available on the web. Some of the videos we’ve already shared and discussed included those of prominent figures such as Steve Jobs, Paola Antonelli and fascinating stories such as the history of the Internet. Out of shere enjoyment and fascination I soon found myself sending the same videos to friends, family and other circles of acquaintances outside the AMF group. This made me think ” why not share these with the whole world?”

So that is how itismonday.com came into being. I believe this is the perfect spot for sharing exciting and compelling insights. My dream is to inspire people, one video at a time – one inspiring moment every Monday for the whole world to see, enjoy and share.